Employment Disability Resources Volunteer Mychelle Garrigan

Mychelle Garrigan presents her reasons for serving on the Employment Disability Resources Marketing Committee.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mychelle Garrigan, and I’m a volunteer with Employment Disability Resources on the Marketing Committee. Why I became a volunteer is disability issues has always been something of great interest to me. Years and years ago when I was a social work graduate student at UCLA, I worked for a time with individuals with traumatic brain injury and really got to see the whole gamut of how brain injury can affect someone, whether it’s physically or cognitively or in terms of their hearing or sight. Also at the same time, I got really interested in learning more about assistive technology, which I use every day in my main business, which is making websites and other forms of digital marketing for companies and nonprofits.

For me, working with employment disability resources is a great way to extend that interest in making sure that people with disabilities get the same access that other people do, whether it’s to employment or to websites or to anything else that anyone enjoys because there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be able to do the same things that everyone else does. I think EDR is an amazing organization and has some really fantastic individuals on its board and its staff. I highly encourage people to look more into it if they’re looking for a place to volunteer.

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