Business Spotlight

In our newsletter, we tell the stories of local businesses that employ people with disabilities, the accommodations they provide, and the contributions those employees make. Read about some of our featured businesses here.

RAS Logo.

RAS Companies

RAS Companies Managers met in Sioux Falls on November 1, 2022. As a company, they are trying to increase their knowledge and awareness of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and

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Sanford Health logo.

Sanford Health

Sanford Health employs many people with disabilities. They believe employing people with disabilities has affected their company culture in a positive way. By treating everyone as equal and capable, it creates

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Dow Rummel Village Logo.

Dow Rummel Business Spotlight

Dow Rummel has 278 employees, and six have identified as having a disability.  Employees with disabilities work in food service, housekeeping, and as a receptionist.   The Human Resource

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St. Francis House logo.

St. Francis House Business Spotlight

The St. Francis House has 30 employees, including five who have disabilities.  Employees have physical, mental health and developmental disabilities and hold the titles of Assistant Director, Volunteer Coordinator,

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MasterBrand Logo.

MasterBrand Business Spotlight

MasterBrand has 14,000 employees throughout their various locations and over 500 at their Sioux Falls location.  Approximately ten employees have disabilities that include hearing loss/deafness, physical disabilities and

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Dairy Queen Logo.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen at Crossing Place currently has 22 employees and 7-10 have some type of disability.  Employees have learning disabilities, autism, cognitive disabilities, and hearing impairments.  Employees with disabilities

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Raven Industries Logo.

Raven Industries Business Spotlight

Raven Industries employs 1,317 people in 20 locations.  Thirty two of their employees have disabilities including both physical and mental health disabilities.  They are Team Members in manufacturing,

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