Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack Business Spotlight

Yakity Yak Coffee Shack logo.

Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack has twenty plus people in their “brew crew.” Over twenty of them have cognitive and physical disabilities. Their entire “brew crew” performs all tasks required on the job including making coffee, smoothies, frappes, cleaning the shop, taking orders, and operating the cash register. 

In their building process, they made a conscious effort to ensure access for everyone, because their intent from the beginning was to employ people with disabilities. When asked what the benefits are of employing people of all abilities, owner Kathy Luke stated, “We have an exceptional team of people with different abilities that make our entire operation possible. Our ‘brew crew’ has a heightened awareness for great customer service, cleanliness, and overall attention to detail. They appreciate the opportunity to work and be challenged in their job.”

A handful of their employees have job coaches from various agencies to assist them on the job. The coaches stop by throughout the week to check in with their clients.

Even though all positions are currently full, Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack is always taking applications. They have applications they can send via email along with a traditional paper application. If anyone needs assistance completing an application, assistance is available. They review applications in the order they are received, and interview as needed. 

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