Schulte Subaru Business Spotlight

Front view of Schulte Subaru building at night.

Mary Jayne has been employed at Schulte Subaru as an office assistant for three years and is considered a role model to her coworkers because of her work ethic and enthusiasm.  

You have most likely seen Mary Jayne with owners of Schulte Subaru, Mike and Sarah Schulte, on their commercial.  Mike and Sarah’s goal was to use this commercial to promote and encourage other businesses to employ people with disabilities.  Sarah shared that many businesses have reached out to them wanting to know the steps to take to hire people with disabilities.  Contacting Employment Disability Resources is a great place to start!  We can assist with recruitment and provide staff training and resources to make the process as easy as possible.  Call Vicki Stewart at 605-215-1760 or email her at [email protected].

As I witnessed first-hand, Mary Jayne is fully included in the workplace culture at Schulte Subaru.  They hosted a birthday party for Mary Jayne’s milestone birthday in their conference room and invited all employees to attend. It was a great celebration!

Mary Jayne makes key chains for Schulte Subaru’s customers and puts files together for the finance department two days a week.  Mike Schulte worked with LifeScape to customize a position to best fit Mary Jayne’s skills and abilities.  Her coworkers describe her as a “hard worker who is very conscientious about completing her tasks in a timely manner.”  I think all businesses are looking for employees like that!

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