City of Sioux Falls Business Spotlight

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As the eighth largest employer in Sioux Falls, the City of Sioux Falls employs over 1,300 full-time and 800 part-time and seasonal employees to provide essential services to residents and visitors to the community. These employees are located across 11 City departments such as Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Technology, Siouxland Libraries, Police, Fire, Communications, Facilities Management, Public Health, and many more. Their work is guided by the “One Sioux Falls” framework which emphasizes safety and health; innovation and foundational growth; accessible housing; workforce development; and engaging people.

The City’s full-time hiring process is governed by civil service, and is coordinated through their Human Resources team. The part-time and seasonal hiring process starts in Human Resources but the interviewing and selection process occurs in their various departments, with those hiring managers working directly with applicants with support from Human Resources team members as needed. Some examples of part-time and seasonal job opportunities include working with their swimming pools and aquatic centers (lifeguards, cashiers, and pool maintenance), street maintenance, and vector control.

In a survey, 151 City employees self-identified as having a disability of some kind. The City Attorney’s office includes an attorney specifically dedicated to advising the City departments on ADA questions and concerns. Their ADA attorney provides support to employees and applicants alike by actively engaging in the interactive process to understand how an individual’s particular disability may affect that person’s ability to complete the necessary work and identify any reasonable accommodations that may be provided.

The City has worked with Augie Access, a program through Augustana University, to assist with placing and supporting employees with disabilities. Supervisors who work with employees with disabilities report that those individuals enhance our City teams. In many cases, they bring positive attitudes and enthusiasm that are infectious. They become part of the team and feel that satisfaction that we all seek in our work. Supervisors say it’s definitely a win-win!  

The City of Sioux Falls posts open jobs, both full-time and part-time/seasonal, on their website at They welcome all applicants to apply online for their open positions. Their team in Human Resources is happy to assist with answering questions or providing additional information and can be reached at 605-367-8740 or at [email protected].

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